Monday, July 14, 2008

A Love Story between a teacher and a student

A Love Story between a teacher and a student
This is a moving and beautiful love story. I heard about it long time ago. Now I would like to share it with you!!

There are always some so-called bad and naughty students at school, like him. He is a very bad boy in almost everybody’s eye at school. His clothes are dirty and he never cuts his nails. Every time you see him, you would wonder if he just gets out from a coalmine.

This time he does not finish his homework again. However, he does not care anymore, he has gotten used to the “sincere” persuasions of teachers.

He went to the office, lowering his head and standing there quietly-as usual. He never speaks a word, which is the worst thing about him. To his great surprise, the teacher is also very quiet, and without a word she leaves.
With a whole basket of water, she comes in. She smiles softly at him:
“Give me your hands!”
She holds both of the little hands, and puts them in the warm water full of bubbles.

Later the boy is a little shy and unwilling to do so. After a while, the teacher and the boy begin play the bubbles in the basket, laughing and giggling. The boy throws a little piece of bubble on her nose; they have a great time together.

To the teacher’s great surprise, the boy starts talking with her. He says that he is sorry about that, but he has no choice. He says that the teacher’s eyes are very beautiful, like stars. Gradually, she learns that the boy’s family is poor and he has to work regularly to help his father. That is why his hands are dirty and his homework is never finished.

Later, the boy usually comes to talk with her, and she always listens carefully and finds ways to help him. Gradually, he changes, much more outgoing, and his marks have been improved continuously.

Several years after, when the boy has been graduated from a very famous university, he still can’t forget the teacher, and the moment when the teacher washes his hand, with so much respect and care...