Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Love stories

Love stories are more meaningful than anything in the world. Because it adds beauty and reason to the world. It is the source of energy and encouragement. It is what makes the world a great place. It is why there are human-beings. It is why we are special...

Monday, July 21, 2008

I miss you

You may think it is surprising if I say in this world the warmest place is a graveyard. Yes, after the death of my father, that graveyard has been the place where I always visit, because my father is going to sleep there quietly forever. When my father just passed away, every morning I got up and understood that father had left me and all these were reality, I would feel extremely sad and empty, and tears would run down time to time. Great sorrow would swallow me.. (to be continued)

In my childhood, it was my father who combed my hair; it was my father who accompanied and comforted me when I was lonely; it was my father who had prepared all the delicious dishes for me when I arrived home; it was my father who cried more loudly than I did when I left my daughter at hometown for a living...He has left me forever...without a word and without seeing him for the last time. When he was painful, I did not even come to comfort him. At a noon, he suddenly left me alone.

Yes, there is nothing in the world that can be more unbearable than this, to continuously ignore your relatives. However, you don’t know how important he is to you. When you have understood the whole of it, you have already lost him. From then, for your whole life, you have to carry all of the sorrow and self-blames, until the end of life.

My father’s grave is surrounded by flowers. Every time I go there, I will wipe his tombstone clean. With heart, I am talking with him time to time. The place where my father stays is where my concern and love is.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

True love and where is home

Love story between lovers: husband and wives

They went out for travelling and having fun. One night, she got out all of the bills and summed them out. She sighed and said
“If we were at home, it would be great!!”
He said
“My dear, we are at home. Wherever you are will be my home!”
He is right. What is home? Home is not a great building; home is not a luxury house. Home is where you have your love.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Love stories between young lovers.

He knew her because they were in the same faculty of university. He thought she was beautiful, lovely and he would do anything for her.

She knew his thought. However, she did not accept or decline his offer, they became good friends. They matter what she asked for, he would try to make her satisfied. He said all his effort would worth it if she smiled.

This was almost the end of university life, she came to ask help for the essays again. She said “
I worried about the final essay and I might have to drop it.”
However, he had no time to think about this, they had to be apart after graduation...
Again without an extra word, he gave his essay to her. She felt excited and surprised, however, he only smiled.

She used his essay and graduated with honor. When she was congratulated by others, in the corner stood him. She called him; however, he turned and walked away quietly...

Before leaving, he sent a letter to her. The last line was
“No matter what, your happiness will also be mine. In your life, no matter what kind of situations come to you, remember, you always have me support you in the world...no matter what...”

Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is the love moving story between man and animals

He could be regarded as a poor old man, with no children for his whole life. He retired from a factory and lived along in the suburb. His life was very simple, and had nothing valuable at home at all. When he was bored, he usually went to the Green Lake Park and had a walk there.

One day in Nov, 1985, when he met a crew of guests-a group of birds had landed in the park. He quickly recognized that they were a kind of gulls and came from the north of the earth where was freezing cold and seldom had any food during that time of the year. The old man understood the gulls came for help! Without hesitation, the old man went to the store and bought a great bag of biscuits and scattered them for the gulls. On that day, the old man had a lot of enjoyments and happiness for the gulls’ companion.

March came, gulls flied back to where they belong to. From then on, the old man never spent another cent carelessly. He only ate the cheapest food, a piece of bread with some side dishes. He said he had to save money for the gulls for next year, and he was sure they would come again.
He was right, next year they came again. A bigger group of them came for this kind old man. Gulls got food from the old man’s hands, chasing and playing with him...

Gradually, travellers noticed this old man who was surrounded by gulls. They made a wonderful scene. However, when people tried to ask him more about the story, they found the old man had passed away the day before. His name was Wu Qinghuan.

When the gulls saw the picture of the old man, they circled in the sky for so long...

This is the love moving story between man and animals...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love stories:

Love stories: Between grandpa and granddaughter

Since I was 6, I had lived with my grandparents. And my grandpa was the one who spoiled me and gave me all his love...

I stayed with my grandpa for almost 7 years. Until now his face and every trait are so clear in my memory. I can’t forget him, because he almost replaces the place of a father in my heart.

My grandpa was a very tidy person. He always had his white gloves on. My grandma married him just because he was very handsome. My grandpa was very health, no matter how cold it was in winter; he only had his shirt on and washed our clothes outside in the snow...

Grandpa’s love could be tasted in his food. Three times a day, he had never missed once to cook for us. One soup, two vegetable dishes, and steamed rice with beans became my grandpa’s daily cooking items. He knew that I did not like eating left-over rice, so he made new rice for every meal. When he finished cooking a dish, he always smiled broadly and asked me if it was delicious. He seemed to care it so much that when I did not eat my stomach full, he would complain that it was a waste of time for him to cook so carefully. Alternatively, if I ate a lot, he would satisfiedly expose his smile and his face would turn to a red apple!

I had a lot of photos with my grandpa. He loved to take pictures when he was healthy, and he always took me with him. No matter where he went, he would take me, market, great-grandmother’ house, relatives’ houses...One of my picture was so good that a sir asked me if he could post it at his store front on display!

Grandpa seemed very big, and in front of him I was always his little granddaughter. Until When I graduated from middle school, I suddenly found out he became smaller. His back was not as straight as before. I saw his little shadow shambled in the windy dark night, waiting for me to come back from school...

I always thought that I would never lose him, because he loved me and I loved him. However, the reality is nothing can stop the pace of time...

I had so many memories of my grandpa that sometimes I thought he was still with me. I tried hard to find if he was still watching me and concerning about his little granddaughter just as before...

Grandpa...I love you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Love story between a husband and a wife

There is such a love story, which proves the power of love.

She is a teacher of junior school, living with her one year daughter. She hasn’t seen her husband for a long time, because he works at a far station, watching the border for the country.
Summer comes; she can’t wait anymore to see her husband. The same for her husband, he misses them so much, because he has not seen his wife for a year, and he has never seen her new-born daughter.

“How cute she would be, she may look like her mother.” sometimes he would think about that and smile satisfiedly.

Finally, the date comes. He waits outside impatiently. It is said that they will arrive at noon. He waits and waits, and at midnight he sees a shadow waddles closer and closer. Yes, it is his wife. He quickly runs to her and puts his daughter in his arm. She is sleeping quietly and sweetly. The whole family are swallowed in the happiness...

Suddenly, they hear a harsh voice. He quickly goes outside, and finds that everyone is escaping, because a flood has come. The water has been to his waist when he finds his way out. He raises his daughter up; however, a piece of rock is carried along in the water and knocked heavily on his arm. His whole arm loses feeling and lets go his poor daughter. After the flood, they find out their daughter has drowned, and his arm has been injured greatly that it becomes useless. He won’t forgive himself from then on and seldom talk to anyone at all.

She keeps encourage him; however, it does not work.

One day, they go to a park together, where they know each other. She climbs up a rock, where they used to sit and talk when they were young. She jumps down freely, and at that moment, he catches her, firmly as before. She looks up at him in his arm, and says “I know you can do this...”

He is awake suddenly, and he comes to understand what he should do is to value what he has...