Sunday, July 13, 2008

Love stories between mother and daughter

One year ago, my mother and I landed on the beautiful yet mysterious Vancouver. Due to the time zone difference, we slept during the days and waked up during the nights for several days. When we finally adjusted back to normality, we came to realize that we had to make a living in a completely different place.

To start, we had to try to learn the community, so everyday we walked for almost 4 hours to get to the closest malls. At that time, we didn't even know how to take a bus. As a daughter, I felt very bad for my mother, because she did not know any English. However, because she loves me, she has to try her best as a mother. Every day we passed a door by which there was a dog that barked at us ferociously. I would tell my mother
"See even the dogs look down upon us!"
And she would always say
"Daughter, don't worry, we will be better soon and it only takes time."

The start is the most difficult part. I tried to study hard and improve my English. The time that both of us didn't have a job is full of pressure and you never dared to spend a dime carelessly. Sometimes when we were on the way home, the fragrant smell of food would make us feel very awkward. Mother and I would look at each other and almost at the same time lowered our heads...

At home, we felt warmer and safer, because we didn't have to speak improper English anymore. At home, we have love. My mother would sit in the sofa and put my head on her legs. We were always very quiet at such time and waited to see who would start the conversation. It was always me. I always said the better life was not far.

Later she found a job at a restaurant and had to work 14 hours a day. I also got a job which was almost sufficient to pay for the rent.

In this summer, I tried to learn how to start a business and searched around. My mother insisted to follow me. She said it was not because she didn't trust me. She wanted to be with me, no matter when...
Mother and daughter love story